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2008 Ford Escape

2008 Ford Escape Review

For 2008 just about every aspect of the Escape has gotten an update, and overall this is a much more refined vehicle than it was the previous year. The 2008 redesign brings new wheels, a new interior, three new paint colors and an aux-jack standard on all radios. The Escape's standard safety features are also upgraded significantly for 2008. None of its major body panels are common to previous models, but the redesign is evolutionary and the most obvious changes are in the details. The 2008 Escape is a compact SUV from Ford; it is the first US vehicle to showcase the application of seating surfaces made entirely from 100 percent recycled materials. 

The 2008 Ford Escape is truckish as the current crop of small sport utility vehicles go, but not in a bad way. For anyone shopping for a smaller SUV the Escape is worth a look, especially if they are looking for truck styling. The 2008 Ford Escape remains one of the best vehicles in Ford's lineup, and competitive in a crowded field of small sport-utilities, regardless of price. Yet model for model and feature for feature, Escape prices are very good. And with the 2008 redesign, it is even better than ever.

Ford Escape Drive

 The Ford Escape is offered with front-wheel drive or fulltime all-wheel drive. You can also choose from a four-cylinder, V-6, or gas-electric hybrid powertrain.  The Escape is available with a 153-hp 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine paired to a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission; or a 200-hp 3.0-liter V6 with a four-speed automatic. The base four-cylinder is adequate for all-purpose driving while the V6 offers quicker acceleration performance. All variants, including the V6 and Escape Hybrid, deliver some of best EPA mileage ratings in the class. All, including the gas-electric Hybrid, are offered with either front- or all-wheel drive. For the most part, the Hybrid drives just like a conventional gas-only Escape.  The Escape hybrid boasts a more fuel efficient, 133 horsepower Atkinson Cycle four-cylinder engine and 70 kilowatt electric motor. It can run up to 25 miles per hour on 100 percent electric power.

This small SUV can tow up to 3,500 pounds, which is substantially more than most other vehicles in the class. Its smooth ride and agile handling make driving pleasant, and compared to its SUV siblings such as the Explorer and the over-sized Expedition, the Escape is a breeze to park.  The 2008 Ford Escape's ride height and seating position are higher than a lot of unit-body (sedan style) utilities, though lower than many traditional truck-based SUVs.  Several improvements for 2008, including an electric power steering system and changes in suspension tuning, raise the level of refinement above earlier Escapes.  All Escape models, from front-wheel-drive four-cylinders to all-wheel-drive V6s to the Hybrid, have some of the best EPA mileage ratings in the class.

Exterior of the Escape

 The new Escape has the feeling of a traditional, truck-based SUV, with a more tough look than other small, sedan-platform SUVs.  The base Escape XLS has a chrome grille and body-colored fascia from the bumper down. The XLT is identical, except for prominent fog lights in the front bumper. The Limited and Hybrid have grilles painted to match the body, unless you opt for the Chrome Appearance Package.  The 2008 Escape has been redesigned with a more aggressive new grille and headlamps, but retains its popular overall look and size that have made it a sales-leader for Ford. Its new styling deliberately invokes Ford's larger, truck-based Expedition and Explorer sport-utilities. Escape's ride height and seating position are a bit higher than competitors such as the Honda CR-V.  Escape's beltline is high, and its roof pillars are blacked out.  You won't find a molded matte finish on the lower bumpers and rocker panels. Instead you'll find that both areas match the body.  The roof on the 2008 Ford Escape is designed for the express purpose of reducing interior noise. Air is moved quietly over the survace of the recessed chanels that run along the roofline. 

Ford Escape Cabin

The new 2008 Ford Escape still provides comfortable seating for four, or five in a pinch, but with noticeably more headroom than in pre-2008 models. Folding the rear seats opens a good sized cargo area with a flat floor, and space behind the seat surpasses that in the trunk of the typical sedan. Interior storage options have improved considerably. The finish is more upscale and pleasing, and feature function and switches are among the best.  The inside of the Escape is not significantly roomier but it's well thought out and a definite improvement in ergonomic function and overall visual appeal, and it makes a nicer place to spend time.


The Escape was redesigned for this model year, and what was already an excellent vehicle is even better.  It offers not only conventional drivetrains, but also a well performing hybrid.  There's a Ford Escape model for most tastes and needs.  Ford Escape prices have dropped considerably the past few years.  The premium for the Escape Hybrid has also decreased.  It's now less than $2,000 more than a comparably equipped Limited.  For the latest updates on this model, visit Ford's official Ford Escape website.